Be The Change

We have simultaneously neglected our responsibility to give. It is necessary not only to take from life but also to put something back into it. We each have a unique opportunity to make an impact. However, to be change agents, we have to live the moralities we speak. We are not only the problem; we are the only solution. I hope, though, moving ahead, we will be whom we say we are as a community.

Our day-to-day actions may not change the world. But if we save one life, that one life can create a rippling effect in saving other lives. Before we know it, one day, we will wakeup, and realize we have made a substantial change in this world.

Remember, we control how we lead ourselves and others. Nobody can take the commitment of being a positive difference-maker and kind to others away from us. As our behaviour focuses on solution-based transformation, let’s remember to journey in faith, not fear. Now more than ever, we must learn to trust again, believe again, and work together again.

Never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’ and living free.

Be you be unique and smile.

-Brian Nadon

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