Remain Open To Learning

I have spent years recognizing who I am not and understanding my ignorance. Ignorance will not shield us from the world. Every day we should attempt to go to bed wiser than when we woke up. Genuine wisdom lies in accepting what we don’t know but need to know. Nurturing the unswerving hunger to study what we don’t know but need to know is a transformative step toward shaping lives of purpose, dignity, and impactfulness.

Every day we can turn our wounds into wisdom and our circumstances into forward-thinking classrooms of learning. There is no finish line with education. Obtaining knowledge and employing the insights is a self-discovery journey that encompasses highways of interchanges and frequent toll stops. The deficiency of curiosity will always inhibit our growth. If we want to stay relevant, amelioration becomes a persistent and calculated act.

Understand failure brings us closer to progress as long as we remain open to learning. We fail when we do not rise again after falling. No matter the stumbling blocks and misgivings that come our way, we should never become so consumed and concerned with others’ opinions that we prohibit ourselves from learning, seeking, speaking, and living our truth.

Never stop believing, asking the question “Why?” and being unique.

— Brian Nadon

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