Leadership Starts With Self-Discovery

I have discovered there will always be critics and cynics who, under duress, try to mock and chastise the person who trudges on despite the circumstances. Every day, we encounter streams of information to divert us from being our most valued selves. While we cannot manage everything that happens to us or those we influence, we can do something every day to be more equipped, unaffected, and vicarious to the unknown.

Let’s devote ourselves to learning, to growing, to developing, to asking why, to providing love, to embracing risk, to seeing, to believing, and to saying no. Without isolation, stillness, peace, and reflection, we will always be immersed in the barrage of other people’s opinions of what we should do with our lives. A troubled mind dashing around looking for a safe-haven will never operate with a genuine sense of urgency.

While these are uncommon and complicated times, we are awarded the freedom to change our thinking, mindsets, and sensibility. Mindfulness helps us release the old beliefs that no longer support us while moving deeper into truth-seeking and self-discovery. As we arrange our thoughts, we can prepare, going from what we know to discover to what we don’t know. Recognize the nature of life is relatively simple. We as individuals tend to be the ones who make it more problematic.

Never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’ and being unique.

—Brian Nadon

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