The Art of Living Doesn’t Involve Giving Up

Over the years, I have crammed my mental vault with life experiences and valuable lessons learned. The art of living and self-searching has shown me to look further than what is, into what can be and what should be. These cherished moments of learning and unlearning have bestowed me with wisdom, knowledge, character, faithfulness, and devotion.

Vesting in ourselves and developing our skills is the best endeavour we will ever make. Each day we have an opportunity to construct the life we long to live. Life is a road map always under construction. Life is a marathon with no beginning or end. It’s all right to propagate a lifestyle of mastery while being a work in progress.

When we take that first step to move outside of our comfort zone, we position ourselves on a path to leverage our utmost authentic purpose. We start to exist not from a place of fear but of empowerment. We begin to take our minds to places it has never been before.

As we travel the byways and highways of life, there will inevitably be moments of hopelessness, doubt, and worthlessness when pursuing our goals and aspirations. Nevertheless, never surrender, never give up — it is always in our control to find the way forward.

Never stop believing, asking the question, why, and being unique.

—Brian Nadon

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