Re-Educate Your Heart

I’m far more ignorant and even further aware of my ignorance these days. I’m taking each new day as an opportunity to teach my heart different ways to feel, beat, think, love, and learn truth. The question becomes: Can I challenge to defy the status quo and live uncommonly?

I realize there are numerous things we say “yes” to which we honestly ought to say “no” too. To make the best use of my time as a positive difference-maker, I will eliminate unnecessary things from my life. While we live in ever-challenging and uncertain times, we should all strive to remain accepting, truthful, empathetic, authentic, and open-minded in our pursuits.

Each of us, myself included, is struggling with some battle that another individual knows unequivocally nothing about. Just because everything may appear okay on the outside does not mean the past burdens have disappeared. Yet, I am more in control (we are more in control) than we think of how we manage and show up for this moment.

I am trying to recognize opportunities and obstacles live in the same community. My capacity to see the positive side of an apparently hopeless situation becomes the art of cultivating mental stamina. As we celebrate life and build our legacies, let’s focus on our heart, why it beats, and the manner in which we love.

Continue learning and unlearning, asking the question ‘Why?’ and being unique.

— Brian Nadon

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