An eternal adage says, “how you do anything is how you do everything.” I continually understand that there are no shortcuts to personal and coherent mastery. As lovers, friends, leaders, and positive difference-makers, when we strive to cheat the process and the fundamentals, we cheat the craft, ourselves, those we love, and those who came before us.

As we apply ourselves to the process with intentionality and lean into the pursuit of self-discovery, it is wise that we take moments to pause. Pausing is a unique chance to shift what isn’t working and take personal responsibility without vivaciously jumping into the next activity, conversation or life lesson. Pausing allows us to self-reflect on the blindspots so patterns are not repeated and behaviours that keep us from moving forward are discovered and enriched. Each of us should aspire to stay hungry yet patient, positive, and humble. Life is never merely a destination but a marathon passage of awakened discovery and growth. Life becomes about nurturing moments of intentional pausing.

Empathizing and showing up for ourselves like we show up for others will always take patience, self-compassion, and moments of self-awareness and reflection. Each day, we can cultivate a graceful pride for why we do what we do by our conscientious preparation, self-controlled actions and focusing on the details and what is in our control.

Today I stand at the crossroad, in no way sardonic but overwhelmed. While we are not in control of everything that happens in our lives, we control how we respond. Today I can control how I decide to live, love, think, serve and grow at this moment. What happens tomorrow is greatly influenced by how I show up for myself and who I care for and love.

Weepingly, I am choosing a moment to remove myself from blogging as I believe my emotive feelings are coming through in opposition to positive messages supporting you. I’m beginning to use “I” statements versus “we” statements. And this blog page is for you, not me.

Nevertheless, you will hear from us again soon.

Never stop believing, being unique, and asking the question ‘Why?’.

“If you are moving too fast to root yourself in your mission, you are simply moving too fast. If you do not slow down, rest assured, someone else will slow you down.” — Brian Nadon

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