Self-Care Starts Today

Written for someone I love.

As parents, coaches, positive difference-makers, leaders, teachers, and agents of change, we pour into others every day. But we need to make sure we’re also dedicating that same level of energy, time, support, and nurturing care into ourselves.

While many organizations, associations, institutes and researchers have tried to define self-care, there is no concrete definition. Self-care ultimately comes down to the active and deliberate process of nurturing ourselves while mindfully focusing on our stressors, habits, thoughts, environment, and triggers. Investing in ourselves empowers us to positively influence our well-being while cultivating our mental, social, and physical health.

Self-care will look different to each of us but always incorporates re-immersing ourselves back into the present moment. Self-care is not selfish, self-seeking, or self-indulgent. Instead, it’s a transformative act of self-preservation that’s ultimately necessary to bring our true selves to the forefront of the table and the spaces we navigate. Without it, we can’t fully tap into our unique superpowers of authenticity and vulnerability. Self-care graces us with the opportunity to nurture our spirit and our narrative. While it can be easier to look outside ourselves for answers and validations, self-care always starts within.

Today, let’s focus on the present or the now, not yesterday or tomorrow. As we encourage these moments, let’s make sure we find time to disconnect from the outside hustle and bustle, the mental chatter, and our devices’ connectivity. It’s time to shut the phone off and use that time to lean into our self-discovery and self-care by reconnecting with ourselves.

—Brian Nadon

Never stop believing, asking the question why, and being unique.


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