It takes courage and resolution to abandon our comfort zones and push forward when the path ahead is unstable. Yet moving forward in the fog when the next step is unclear plants us in a position to grow, evolve, and transform while exploring the infinite depths of who we are.

Regardless of our industry or craft, each of us is in the business of people and relationships. A principal practice often overlooked and undervalued as within it is the art of fostering confidence, courage, and hope. Hope is faith — faith is the internal belief that no matter the heartache, adversity, turbulence, darkness or uncertainty in life, we can get to the other side and be better for it. Hope subsumes empathy, vision, and faith into the studious habitual consuetude of concentrating on what is actually in our control at any given time. Hope is the lighthouse beacon of light in the void that shimmers through us and moves us fearlessly one step forward.

Our capacity to appreciate the shining light of a seemingly inconsolable situation becomes the mindful practice of constructing mental stamina and hope. No matter our job, title, or role, we are compelled to be responsible and cultivate hope and design the future.

Today, let us aspire to do our part, act virtuously, and do the right thing by finding moments and opportunities to keep hope alive. Now more than ever, we can be change agents who light the flame and keep alive the light of hope that burns in each of us.

Never stop being unique.

—Brian Nadon

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