Every Now And Then

We are blessed each day with self-discovery and personal growth—whether we use this time is our choice. It’s projected that the average adult makes more than 35,000 decisions per day. How we go about devising and cultivating passion, vibrance, and purpose becomes the art of existence.

Choices can bring immeasurable possibilities, they can also initiate significant mental burnout and emotional fatigue. While there’s nothing wrong with having choices, managing them becomes a challenge and a pivotal task.

So, what if the grass is not greener on the other side? Would we continue to engage and chase those endeavours and experiences today? Finding moments for silence and tranquillity allows us to build from what we have. Our mission as positive difference makers is not to be in a race to acquire more but a pursuit of appreciation to water and grow what we already possess. Each of us has some opportunity and blessing in front of us to lean deeper into and to nurture with more intent, grace and gratitude.

Every now and then, it’s not about looking beyond ourselves to live a good life but looking within to design that life. As we aspire to explore the outer depths of who we are and shatter any ceilings and limits placed on our imagination, we should remain focused on the here and now. We cannot allow the need of tomorrow to blind us from nurturing and taking care of the grass of possibility and love of today.

Never stop being unique.

—Brian Nadon


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