Take Time to Acknowledge Yourself This Holiday Season

The month of December and the holiday season brings a range of emotions — especially this year as we continue to live through the adversities of the covid pandemic.

Whatever emotions we might be living through are perfectly acceptable and make us human. They allow us to uncover a more profound truth, a more meaningful purpose and cultivate a wiser and more grateful perspective.

We must realize that what we suppress, we allow to linger and empower.

But by acknowledging hardships and difficulties, we take the first step toward change and continual transformation.

While we certainly don’t need to judge others or ourselves by what’s running through our heads, it might be wise to lean into these feelings to better understand why they exist. These historical times we continue to navigate require courage, empathy and genuine curiosity.

As we reflect on the year and prepare for continued transitions in our lives, let’s make sure we take time to acknowledge ourselves and what we have accomplished to date. It truly doesn’t matter if we haven’t achieved all of our 2021 goals or if we feel we are behind schedule with our dreams — each of us has matured somehow and has a unique opportunity to grow, discover, and profoundly achieve forward momentum.

Realize that questions about the journey will never cease. Not everything will make sense, and there will be moments that challenge us to the depths of our existence. But as long as we have life and breath, we also have the power to choose how we respond and how we navigate uncertainty in the weeks and months ahead.

As many of you will gather this holiday season, let’s foster some time for stillness and meaningful appreciation for today, for the here, and for the now. Not all have been granted the same privileges, and so many of us are carrying something that others genuinely know absolutely nothing about. The more we lean into our own self-exploration, the better we get to know ourselves, and the better we can show up fully and authentically for those we love.

Recognize that amid the unknown periods are also moments of discovery, beauty, tranquillity, and wisdom. Let’s make sure we’re always giving ourselves the opportunity to slow down, self-reflect and cultivate meaning as we confront life’s unknowns.

Share a smile today, and Merry Christmas.

—Brian Nadon


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