The Power of Compassion

We all are experiencing something that another person knows absolutely nothing about. As community leaders, positive difference-makers, and change agents, we must recognize that people do not always need reprimanding or advice. At times, we need an attentive listening ear, an open mind, and a heart that genuinely takes time to appreciate them. As change agents, we should not dehumanize the lived through experiences of others just because they may be different from our journey.

vatic foundation cptsd

Instead of making a judgement, being quick to react, and relying on assumptions about someone else’s mental health, it would be wise to respond with kindness from a place of being hungry to listen, learn, and understand.

Each of us has the unique opportunity to prioritize our mental wellbeing as we do our physical health. Our kindness towards someone today could be the light for someone suffering in dark silence.

Stand in the truth of practicing random acts of kindness. Our vulnerability and courage to lead from a place of empathy become our legacy. Caring more about transforming a person’s life instead of the transaction from that relationship becomes the power of authentic compassion.

Never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’ and being unique.

—Brian Nadon


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