Today’s climate across various sectors has revealed a void in leadership, emotional resonance, and practicality. Each day, as leaders, we are taking an examination. It is incumbent upon us to craft messages and game plans that speak to the heart of our team’s and communities needs. As we lead and coach others, let’s not fall into the trap of stopping to grow and develop ourselves. We must win the game before the game, and our mental game is more important than ever. The minute we think we have won, we have lost.

Too often, leaders struggle to change how their teams and organizations act without adjusting how they think. As a result, they get compliance but not a commitment, involvement but not investment, progress but not lasting, sustainable high performance. Every day is an opportunity to rethink how we lead while capturing the minds of who we lead. Proactive thinking while shaping mindsets and success is vital to understanding our why.

Those we lead are searching for answers, hope, solutions, and comfort. We must be honest with ourselves daily and ask, are we best serving the needs of those we lead — and do we have strategic plans to best nurture our mission, vision, and goals?

The better equipped we are to take on the mental component of life and leadership, the more prepared we will be to seize the opportunity on the biggest stages.

Never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’ and being unique.

—Brian Nadon


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