Being Ourselves Beginnings With Self-Leadership

Something I forgot. In a world where we can be anything, we often decide to be something other than ourselves. Being ourselves beginnings with self-compassion, self-discipline and self-leadership. Being ourselves and showing up genuinely begins when we permit ourselves to unlearn behaviours and habits that no longer serve us while inclining into life’s sometimes difficult but necessary questions. 

I stopped learning, growing, healing, evolving and nurturing my inner child’s curiosity, to only stun my  personal transformation. I have to remind myself our authentic selves never stops on the self-discovery journey, even if we reach the pinnacle of our mountaintop.

Each of us has a distinctive, purposeful calling and assignment that only we can accomplish with our talents, skills and experiences. As we go inward with life’s unknowns, as I dig deeper, silence ultimately enables us to cultivate clarity and connection.

Please understand there is no endpoint or arrival date. We are, I am,  forever students. Each day we are born again, and how we meet this rebirth is our choice. I realize there is only this moment. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is yet to come, so today, let’s give ourselves more grace for where we are while allowing patience and our best effort on this day to be enough.

 I’m sorry if I let you down. I am human.

-Brian Nadon


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