Family Day Is Your Day

“Happiness [is] only real when shared” ― Jon Krakauer

Your existence, voice, and story have a purpose. It is okay not to have discovered it today, and it is okay not to be okay. But today is your day to enjoy life.

As I (we) reflect on our lives and bring closure to the past year’s covid pandemic, focusing attention on our breath is a modest yet powerful practice. Carefully observing our inhalations and exhalations throughout the day allows us to reconnect with ourselves and disconnect from the unceasing stimulation that battles for our attention. Our breath is always the starting point as we transcend and rise above perceived limitations.

If the last three years continue to teach us anything, no matter how much we prepare for the future, we will always have to reconcile with events outside our control. These experiences can occasionally challenge us to return to the only moment that is ever guaranteed: right now.

While we will continue circumnavigating uncharted waters each day, including today, there will still be immense opportunities, advantages, calmness, breakthroughs, and wisdom immersed within the tide. Your life, expression, voice, and story have a purpose. It’s okay not to have discovered it today or yesterday, and it is okay not to be okay. Yet, we should never give up. We should never stop exploring. We should never stop learning, unlearning, relearning, and living. Enjoy the holiday today; if you have one, enjoy your friends and family, and most importantly, enjoy being you.

Remember to breathe, never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’ and being unique.

—Brian Nadon


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