Stop Chasing and Start Living

Every day we are chasing something. But precisely what are we running after, and why are we searching for it in the first place? There’s always a penalty to pay directly or indirectly as we develop and discover the outer limits of who we are.

I have discovered the most challenging fight we battle is living in a world where each day, someone’s trying to influence us to be someone we don’t want to be. It’s effortless and easy to journey down the path of least resistance because it’s often familiar and comfortable. Yet this path usually goes against who we genuinely are. On our journey of self-discovery, our inflated self-esteem or ego can steer us down some dead-end roads. Nonetheless, when we venture beyond the adoration and cupidity chase and engage in awareness and understanding, a rare opportunity is presented to seek answers and the truth.

We can devote so much of our lives to being who we believe we need to be that we never uncover or rediscover who we sincerely are. Bear in mind, everything has a shelf life — notably success, money, and possessions. Each day we can nurture and grow our environments and make space to permit our authentic selves to appear. We can often look beyond ourselves repeatedly to realize everything we sought was concealed underneath the layers of societal falsehoods of how we imagined we needed to live.

Be unique! Never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’

—Brian Nadon

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