“Be unique and take your time.” – Brian Nadon

The Principal Mission of Our Global Tour – Is to Learn While Increasing Complex-Ptsd Awareness. While touring we will be collecting donations. The donations collected will bolster the recovery and transition of a bedraggled life to one brimming with fulfilment, contingency, and appreciation.

What to Remember – After surviving a traumatic event, individuals have Ptsd like symptoms. For example, obsessive thoughts and replaying the trauma in their mind. They may also experience fear, anxiety, anger, depression, or even guilt.

All are normal reactions. Getting help may impede conventional stress reactions from progressing into Ptsd.

Support From The Community – We believe in placing trust and confidence in our communities to help guide individuals living with C-Ptsd. Through community, our assistance seeks to guide survivors with an empathetic hand and understanding the need to seek unhealthy coping methods.

It is my commitment to help trauma survivors to get back on their feet.