Purposeful Impact

Whether succinct or biding, affiliations unwaveringly determine our persona today and who we will gracefully blossom into tomorrow. 

When I was a student at York University, one of my professors used to say, “Nothing in life is of any value unless you can share it with others.” So, I’ve demonstrated and, with vigour, tried to be a servant leader. 

First and foremost, I was unaware of servant leadership. It wasn’t an intention I was familiar with, so I attempted to find significant relevant ways to serve others.

I have learned the preponderance of listening and the prowess art of the truth-teller. Everyone should aim to listen empathetically and grasp where people are deriving and where they are on their journey. I believe if we’re going to get the most out of people, we’ve got to exasperate additional time attempting to understand them for who they authentically are.

The truth-teller understands the truth and liberates and disenfranchises us to be free. The truth-teller tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to. Yet their rendition of the truth is always done in a method rooted in gracefulness, with a thumbs-up and unconditional love.

I’m realizing, while sitting in a hospital, life is about dissembling the most rigorous question of “Who am I?” and harmoniously being at peace with the discoverings. 

To this day, I still ask myself these three words: Who am I? This question has ultimately become my Guiding Star and the Guardian Spirit for my self-leadership and self-mastery journey. 

When we move toward trusting the divine timing of our lives while focusing our thoughts and energy on what is in our control, we release the impulse to need to have it all figured out. We may not control everything life presents us, but we can refuse to be reduced and defeated by it. 

Be unique, stay truthful, and continue being you. 

— Brian Nadon


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