watching the sunset

To learn self-control is the greatest of excellence we learn to admire in people. Isn’t that the truth? It’s why we admire Gandhi, our Military Leaders, and Civil Rights-Activists.

To see someone being provoked with horrific language and threatened with bodily violence – only to ignore it. To see someone under incredible pressure and perform despite it. To see someone override their fears and physical limitations in the service of their country. This, we know, is self-control.

The is part of my reasoning why I changed paths in life. It’s to is to develop my own ability to control myself. To control my desires, my emotions, my body, and my mind. So that under pressure, under threat, under siege, I can be my best self. I am working to get myself under control so that I can be excellent – I can be virtuous – and because I’ve learned that self-control is its own form of excellence.

It’s a hard thing to do, and that’s why I admire it.

By Brian Nadon