Opening to Fear

Do you ever feel like fear of failure follows you wherever you go?

Whether it’s a fear of losing your job, being ashamed of a mistake, or just fear of not having all your stuff together? 

Today, my goal is to face fear head on. To face my vulnerability.

Sometimes, however, you just need to be able to say, “Fuck, I am afraid of failing,” and to feel heard about that. 

Over the coming weeks my plan is to discuss fears of failing at: 

  • home
  • work
  • in our teams
  • to our reports
  • to our bosses
  • to ourselves

We can all relate to how we are facing and trying to deal with the fear of failure. This is why I’m going to use my first-person examples in future blogs to discuss failure and how I found the courage to face fear head on and recognize I was a narcissist.

This will be me.

By Brian Nadon


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