The #@&% You Fund

Most of us tell ourselves that we’re putting up with ill-treatment or keeping our mouths shut about our beliefs because we’re working on something big.

We tell ourselves that we’re slogging away in this industry or that industry not because we’re big supporters of it, but because we need to, to get where we are going. We’re accumulating money or resources or playing politics to build up our base so that one day, some day, we can finally stand up and be who we really are. 

It’s important to remind ourselves we could be happy today… even though our first impulse is to put it off until tomorrow. That’s what we all do. In the future, we say, then we’ll do what needs to be done.

The problem is that this never seems to actually happen. I use to joke and justify my 100 hour work weeks for dubious companies in order to get “Fuck You Money.” But for all the wealth…there seems to be very few people ever getting around to saying those words, or living that life (unless you’re willing to change your lifestyle).

So change your lifestyle, live your dreams. You’ve accomplished this much. You’ve carved out skills and built relationships. For what? To keep putting off the day where you stand up for yourself? To keep going along to get along forever?

No. Now is the time. Now is the time to be good. To live as if you had the “Fuck You Money” or conquered enough of the world to tell the truth. Because there is no magic turning point. There is only the moment that you decide to be the person who lives those words.

By Brian Nadon


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