Be Happy; or Be Very Happy

One of life’s most significant challenges is to be or not to be. Over the last year, I have spent taking a true and false test. I have had to conduct a reflective personal audit of my life while examining and challenging my beliefs.

Today, I have come to realize so much of our lives become a chase and struggle to achieve, to acquire, and to obtain more without genuinely appreciating what we have. Our needs must conquer our wants, or we will stay confined to a conveyor belt mentality that equates and confuses movement with progression. 

Every day someone will wake up with the same dream as you. Life is a marathon, a battle of the mentally strong, well prepared, and holistically fittest. You can choose the way you view your world. Wake up in the morning and give yourself two choices;

1) To Be Happy or,

2) To Be Very Happy.

We are on Earth to take negatives and obstacles and to turn them into positives and possibilities. All of us have to earn our life on Earth. It is not a free ride. Thoroughly enjoy where you are, while enthusiastically planning for the future. Understand life bestows us with opportunities to grow, explore, and discover our most authentic self. Life will not present us with anything we cannot overcome. 

We must demand more out of ourselves than anyone could expect. One of the most powerful statements in the world is “I don’t know.” Not to know is one thing. Not to wish to know is another. Excellence is a daily action that transforms into habits, not a spur of the moment reaction. Fear is one of our greatest illusions. Fear generates fear. When you are afraid, it stunts your personal growth and suppresses your brilliance. Life’s greatest adventures and discoveries await you just outside your comfort zone. It is where the real growth happens. Only change causes change. We must take action and navigate beyond our comfort zone each day we have life.

I challenge you to show up, get in the game, give your absolute best while not taking the results personally. Be a good teammate, spouse, parent, friend, coach, sibling, colleague, and leader while always choosing to do what is right, not what is comfortable. I have come to deeply understand everlasting success and peace of mind begin when we quit living our lives to please everyone around us. No matter the obstacles, naysayers, darkness, mistakes, and challenges along the way, never give up on yourself. Never give up on your dreams. Get out and ride your bike! Have faith that you will find a way to move forward in growth and discovery while 1% getting better every day, not bitter!

Love life as much as I love being here with you.

By Brian Nadon


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