First Step Toward Holistic Personal Growth

Each day we must choose to either live a life-based in excellence or mediocrity. We each have a choice about the way we think and live regardless of our circumstances and past. When we elevate our thinking and accompany our growth mindset with an unwavering work ethic, high-performance results follow. 

Your first step toward holistic personal growth usually begins by deconstructing the confined box the subconscious mind has created for your existence. Realize everything that looks, sounds, and feels good, is not always good for you. Talent is a gift, and your reputation can be your best friend or your worst enemy. But character is a choice. Your character matters most when no one is looking. 

Understand wisely and earnestly our dreams cannot wait until tomorrow. We are limited only by the way we choose to see things. Most days, we walk past tiny invisible opportunities for personal and professional growth. You cannot win if you do not play. If you are never getting rejected or failing, you are probably playing it way too safe. The moment you begin taking risks, you have already succeeded. Treat every failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. Each time you fail, fail better, and forward, because many times, messy failures become stunning outcomes. 

By Brian Nadon


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