Knowledge Will Only Make Us Stronger

It’s very easy, especially in today’s social media and the algorithmic world, to become caught in a feedback loop of your own viewpoints.

You read an article about one topic, and suddenly, all you see are more and more pieces about that same topic. You watch a video from a partisan on one side of the spectrum and now that’s all you see. The idea that there are other cogent, good-faith arguments on the other side – well that becomes more and more remote.

But it isn’t. We have to take the time to study and look at things that are different than what comes easy or comfortably. We have to be open to hearing things you disagree with too. Remember that you can’t learn what you think you already know. That’s why it’s important to read and study like a spy.

Go into the enemy’s camp. Open your eyes and mind to what they’re doing. And use what you learn.

Knowledge will only make us stronger.

By Brian Nadon

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