Foster Greater Self-Awareness

The things you watch, the content you read, and the people you let into your life will significantly determine your opportunities for holistic growth.

Each day we have a unique opportunity to foster greater self-awareness. We must accept total responsibility for every choice we have made and will make in the future. Life is a process of learning and unlearning, doing, and undoing. It can be easy to point the blame and make excuses for where we are in life while never taking accountability for the role we have played to create that reality.

The things you watch, the content you read, and the people you let into your life will significantly determine your opportunities for holistic growth and achievement. We must set new standards of expectations and excellence for ourselves while moving beyond traditional thinking and concepts. At times we can lie to ourselves about ourselves and then get upset with others when they impose those lies onto us. Speaking from the heart means sharing your most authentic truth, as you know, to be, in this present moment. Make every day a masterpiece by remaining in the here and now, achieving small victories, and focusing on your thoughts. 

Our mind is always at war with each other, the positive mind versus the negative mind. And the fixed mind versus the growth mind. It is time that we became friends with our minds. The life we live and the opportunities we create is in direct correlation with our imagination, beliefs, and thoughts. Compete with yourself daily while remaining mindful of what you think. Steadily conquering your mind will be one of the greatest victories in your lifetime. It takes courage to abandon our comfort zones and nonserving ways of thinking. We can train and reprogram our minds at any moment. An essential aspect of growth is learning to challenge and replace the narrative in your mind that attempts to diminish as well as sabotage your divine intelligence and beauty. 

As you focus earnestly on taking responsibility for cultivating life, as you envision, and your daily thoughts, never become too occupied with yourself to practice kindness.

As Mark Twain once wrote, “Kindness is the virtue that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

Every time you encounter another person, think to help that person. Practice kindness, not from a place of self-serving bias, to be acknowledged or thanked. But simply because it is still the right thing to do even in these ever-interesting times of immorality. What we will be forever known by are the footsteps of love, empathy, humility, integrity, and grace we leave behind when we are gone!

By Brian Nadon


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