Stop Wasting Time

We’re busy. We’re tired. We have so much to do. We had dreams once, sure, but they slowly deflated. The mortgage, the kids, the job, watching TV, that’s how we fill our days. It’s a slow downward spiral.

If you’re not that person, you at least know him or her. They’re a mainstay of the modern world. Overworked, undersexed, overtired, and under-appreciated. Facebook is to blame right? The capitalist pigs are responsible, yeah? It’s because of the 24-hour news cycle.

Certainly none of those things help, but the truth is that this is a timeless problem. It goes back much further than even this century. Because they are my friends or I often meet those guys, too.

We sometimes need to ask ourselves; How much time has been lost to groundless agony, greedy desire, the charms of society? How little is left to you from your own store of time?

My reply, wake up, stop sleepwalking. Stop giving away what you can never get back. We only get one life. Once time ticks by, it never comes back. Yes, each of us will die. That’s a fact. But for the moment, we’re alive. Which is why we have to live. Which is why we have to protect our time, our dreams, our spirit. We can’t give it up piece by piece. We can’t start dying before our time.

We have to live. Now. While we still can. Volunteer, enjoy the quiet moments, and live a uniquely you life.

By Brian Nadon


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