Free Yourself, Forgive Yourself, and Merry Christmas

Someone else’s world is just as real as yours. Life is about being your best, not about being better than everyone else. Show the world something it has never seen before. You do that with daily action of expressing yourself fully and freely. You only fail if you quit. No matter the uncertainty, always keep moving forward to discover or rediscover your future and authentic self. During my current tour through Taiwan this has been reinforced by my friend.

One of the biggest challenges we face is the globalization of indifference. Before you judge, understand. Look beyond what is, into what can be, and further into what should be. Engage people who challenge you rather than affirm you. We will not truly progress as individuals until we make an honest effort to understand those that are not like us. Helping others to get what they want is the most effective way to get what you want. Always seek to surround yourself with as many amazing people as possible. Individuals who accept you for who you are and challenge you holistically to be better. Focus on quality, not quantity.  

Through my PTSD awareness tour, I’ve come to understand life’s greatest adventures and discoveries await us just outside our comfort zone. It is where the real transformation happens. Barriers of adversity are not put along our journey to stop us. These obstacles become present to make us prove how much we want something. One of our biggest regrets becomes allowing self-doubt to interfere with pushing toward and beyond your outer limits. When you find yourself in a fixed mindset, ask if it is coming from a sense of complacency, discomfort with change, a feeling of impatience, or a fear of making mistakes.

The stories you tell reflect your knowledge of yourself and your environment. Recognize that your pain and suffering can be influential teachers. We actually can choose how we feel by accepting responsibility for our emotions. We cannot do that until we stop letting others control our minds. So profoundly understand this truth: the past cannot be changed. All we have is the here and now. So free yourself, forgive yourself, and liberate yourself. Continually raise the bar. Push your limits and navigate outside of your comfort zone. 

The mistake that overshadows us is waiting too long to make the necessary changes needed that align with our heart, intuition, and moral compass. Focus on what is essential. Eat less, spend less, and give more while never becoming too busy to spread compassion, light, and love everywhere you go!

Merry Christmas friends.

Be well,

Brian Nadon


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