Stay Mentally Young by Avoiding Fear

We talk extensively about leaving a better planet to our kids, that we forget to leave better kids to our planet.” – Anonymous

Frequently when making decisions, we are prone to use our emotions more than logic. Thought without action is not always helpful – while input without output can lead to stagnation. For a significant amount of our community (this includes Brian), fear is one of our greatest illusions. Sometimes success is waiting around the transitional roadblock that becomes disguised as a downfall, but right before arriving, we give up. 

Along with never giving up, is the discipline of knowledge and the reminder to never stop learning. Our brain benefits when we tackle something we don’t know. The brain needs to be stretched beyond its comfort zone to stay fit. We should never let a day pass without engaging in one task that allows us to stay mentally young.

What we do know about the future is it will be different. Achievement is never achieved because improvement is always possible. Each day of our lives is an opportunity to grow, explore, and serve while unlearning and relearning. Don’t accept the accepted. Challenge the status quo. Question the norm, question ourselves. The best days are the ones in which we discover new things.

All our lives are overflowing with promise and positive growth. Don’t fear when asking for advice as it’s never a sign a weakness. What gets ridiculed in one stage of life, will get applauded in another stage. 

Strive to live your life so well today that your story is being told after your departure!

Live, learn, love.

By Brian Nadon


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