Happy Valentines Day From Ginger and Brian

Today, I am opting to write about only two things. First, I would like to wish all of my readers:

I hope, whatever you do today, you feel appreciated and smile at least once!

Second, Valentine’s Day should not be about candy, and presents, and flowers, but it should really be about appreciating the people you love…

whether that is your family…

Ginger as a puppy and her aunt Piko

your best friend….

RT and Ginger
Big Mac, Brian, and Ginger
TG and Brian
Good Old Bucky

The Bell Boys

Brian, Big Mac, and Colin Pope
My mentor and friend I cherish – Mr. PM

or the ones who support you along the road…

Love you Guthrie’s
The Legend
The Best Girl’s Ever
Good People
Those Who Love Your Dog
The Positive People
Our First New Friends
Ginger’s Smile Provider

We hope your day is filled with happy moments that become favourite memories. Today I’m wishing you everything that makes you feel the happiest, today and always.

From Brian Nadon