learning life

Listen Learn Love

I’m learning there is much more to do, to understand, to conquer, to discover, to live, and so little time to achieve all that must be done.

Every day it’s fundamentally valuable for us to focus our energy, talent, and resources on what matters most. Our goal should be to find out how we think and how to work more effectively while maximizing our time.

Our beliefs should always govern our behavior. We are living in a world that cannot stop talking! The loudest voices have taken over even though some individuals have nothing to say. Numerous people come into our lives as blessings and others as lessons. Don’t try to persuade people they are wrong; merely get them to question their certainty.

When we genuinely trust another person, the dynamics flow more smoothly and openly. A good relationship is when two people acknowledge each other’s past, support each other’s presence, and love each other enough to nurture their future. The most basic and influential way to connect with another person is to listen.

Listening is a fundamental expression of respect for someone else. It implies acknowledging someone enough to listen to them, to hear, and to recognize their voice. A listening verity is something most people will never understand. Their emotions and beliefs make so much internal noise that they can’t hear anything else. There is a danger in actively listening. It means you might end up seeing life differently, you might see the truth – this can be an unsettling experience for some.

But for us, we smile, believe in ourselves, and continue to be unique.

By Brian Nadon



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