Write, Then Rewrite Your Story

I’m still writing and rewriting my story. None of us are finished products. The perception of growing old and retirement hijacks the mind to become complacent in living instead of eager to keep experiencing the magnificent beauty of life lessons.

Each day is an opportunity to defy the negative inner voices in our heads. I am still a works in progress. We will never have it all figure it, but we can wake up each day with an enthusiasm that is so positive and contagious while striving to get 1% better in some facet of our life.

We must first acknowledge as well as heal the mental and emotional barriers that hinder us from cultivating the life we envision for ourselves. Spend time developing a personal and professional strategy to break free from the confines of your comfort zone. Ask yourself when the last time you took on a challenge that seemed impossible?

Our dreams cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow might never come. Today is the perfect time to take action on a growth opportunity you have been postponing. Move one step forward with intent towards where you want to be tomorrow. We must stop waiting, daydreaming, and just going through the motions of life. Live fully while being kind to yourself and a positive difference-maker to those you come in contact with. Time is too precious to waste it on anything that does not contribute to your holistic growth.

The moment you take a risk, you have succeeded. And the moment you venture closer to who you authentically are, you have transformed. Discipline yourself and mind every day to do all tasks with a level of excellence and attention to detail. You can’t grow and reach the outer limits of who you are if you don’t play and put yourself wholeheartedly in the game of life. If you never start, you can never finish.

Understand, to be great is to be misunderstood. Hate never finds solutions. Only love does that. Let kindness do your work for you while not taking other’s opinions personally. Live immediately and in alignment with your moral compass because there is no sadder way to die than to have never lived!

By Brian Nadon



  1. It is so important to know and acknowledge that we are each an unfinished masterpiece. It is not a selfish act to understand this, quite the opposite. It

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