Learning With Each Step

While sitting on my buddies doorstep I’ve come to realize our days / my days have become a battle between darkness and the search for light. In life, when we walk into the darkness of a tunnel, we’re provided with a valuable opportunity to grow and transform before we ultimately re-emerge into the light.

We cannot overcome and rebuild what we do not accept. We are living through some difficult times. Being confronted with this pandemic is out of our control. How we choose to respond is not.

This week has been a mental challenge for me. True mental toughness is the ability to see the bright side of a hopeless situation. Each day, how we choose to live, learn, and confront this obstacle is within our control. And how we decide to foster our personal growth and during this defining moment is as well.  

We will endure with harmony, dignity, and selflessness. In time, we will return back to some sense of normality. But until then, how will you show up for yourself, your loved ones, and those you influence? Leaders and optimistic difference-makers find a way even when the valley is low, the wind is strong, and the tide is turbulent. Strong leaders guide us to our true north.

Sometimes experiencing anxiety, distress, and even fear are our world’s signals to us that there is something essential to discover, to weather, and to embrace. On our self-discovery journey, we must learn to enjoy our own company while cultivating moments for deep thinking, deep work, and stillness. We must connect the dots and seek the truth while being at peace with the silence. Wherever you are, be there fully. Social distance separates people. It doesn’t sever you from yourself. With each passing minute, as we implement social distancing and remain at home, we will have an opportunity to go beyond our limitations in faith or spirituality. You decide.

As we continue to cycle the days ahead, may we be reminded that the wonderful part about our journey is not to descend down the road out of fear but to continue onward and upward, trusting the timing of our lives. Understand that hardship is an experience, not a definitive act, and this setback is teaching and humbling us for a remarkable comeback.

We will prevail. This too will pass! Be unique, be you.

By Brian Nadon



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