Ask For Help

It’s the toughest, truly devoted, sharpest, honest, gifted, and most thoughtful that often struggle to ask for help. Our frontline responders know that their duty is to sprint towards the trauma, while others run towards safety. A parent knows to leave their own interests, needs, wants and desires behind those of their children. The comedians we rely on to make us smile, often believe they have no one to express their pain too. It is difficult. I know.


  • A parent is integral to positive growth
  • A parent needs to be brave during dark days
  • A parent provides for their family without complaint, without hesitation
  • A parent carries the load and keeps us smiling
  • A parent runs towards trauma to provide you support.
  • A parent carries the load of their children’s burden – not every day, every second.

We also should remember, parents need help, families need help, our communities need help. And asking for help is the bravest thing to do.

Don’t be ashamed to need help. Like a soldier in the middle of a gun fight, we have a mission to accomplish. And if you’ve been wounded and you need a comrade to pull you up – just ask. So what!

So What?

Seriously, just ask. Because you’re not looking for a handout. You’re looking for direction. You’re not looking for forgiveness. You’re only asking for your wounds to be treated so you can get back into the fight. You’re not looking to get an unfair advantage. You’re just asking for assistance during a dark day.

  • If you need a minute, ask.
  • If you need a helping hand, ask.
  • If you need reassurance, ask.
  • If you need a favor, ask.
  • If you need therapy, go.
  • If you need to start over, go for it.
  • If you need to lean on someone or something, do it.

We are in this mission, together. We’re comrades. It’s okay to ask for help. If it makes you better, it’s the right thing to do. Because I know you would do the same for your children.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. For everyone else, enjoy your weekend.

By Brian Nadon


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