Tips Tuesday – Let Go of The Success = Happiness Myth

”If you try to find success in fame or in things, you will fail. If you find happiness in the process, you will be a success.”Debasish Mridha

Success and happiness: Does one lead to the other, or do they go hand in hand?

  • Busy = Important
  • Important = Rich
  • Rich = Successful
  • Successful = Happy

The formula above will only result in heartache and pain.

I ask the question because so many of us go around saying to ourselves something like:

”I’ll be happy when…”

  • I get that promotion.
  • I make more money.
  • I get out of this situation.
  • I have a perfect relationship.
  • I move out of this place.
  • I have more stuff.
  • I lose more weight.

These are all wonderful aspirations, but why not be happy now?! Focus on what you have today, live in the present, and be the best version of you. This is where you will find happiness.

By Brian Nadon



  1. Interesting

    I have found happiness is only experienced in the present moment.

    That promotion has nothing to do with happiness. It is impermanent and external. What happens if we get demoted or fired?

    Happiness is not linked to performance

    All rich people would be the happiest then, right.


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