Life is our Script

We must have the courage to accept change enthusiastically and authentically. I now see moments in my life where I’ve wasted time due to not being self-disciplined enough to cleanse my mind and let go of old habits. I hate to admit it, but I was resistant to evolve. This hesitation halted my holistic growth at times. Life in the past five years has become about cultivating ways to stay relevant while simplifying the process of excellence.

Ginger teaches me daily life is not a one-act play. We are the writer, director, actor, and producer of the story we wish to tell and live. Life is our script, while our experiences are our words. We must be a living example of what we preach. Our talk will not walk and saying it is not the same as being it.

Amid ever-interesting times, these are opportune moments to dispose of old ways of thinking and to welcome new ways of thinking – to rewrite our life’s script. One way to do this is by surrounding and connecting ourselves with influential and rare extraordinary thinkers. We must be receptive to embracing new relationships and friendships. Individuals who might not look and act like us, but they graciously challenge us to view the world through another lens.

Ginger has taught me not to allow the fear of the unknown to stop us from living, leading, and challenging the status quo. May the week ahead be filled with health, inner peace, gratitude, grace, and self-discovery.

Continue being unique, smile, and live valuing you.

– Brian Nadon



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