Life is About Imperfections

I’ve learned over the years perception is our reality. We are not what happens to us. We are what we choose to become. Life is about imperfections, not about chasing the perfect. The search for perfection is the enemy of creativity, while a life driven by fear kills innovation. The exciting part about our lives is that every part of it is always under construction. Many times change knocks at the door, but we do not welcome it as a real growth opportunity. Don’t become so comfortable with your life that you lose your thirst and curiosity for personal growth.

Ginger and Brian – Vancouver, BC

We all need truth-tellers in our lives. Surround yourself with people, projects, and responsibilities that humble you. The core purpose of our lives should be to make others great. Thanks to Ginger, I have learned being kind is more important than being right. Many times, what people need most is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens. Ask yourself, what did you do today to make someone else’s life better?

One of the most challenging things on our self-discovery journey is to see instead of look. We look with our eyes, but we see with our hearts. Only when we are ready to see can we know ourselves. Control what you can before it controls you. Live life to the fullest despite your shortcomings. View failure and adversity as a competitive advantage while making every setback a lesson in doing and being better. While the future may be unpredictable, it doesn’t mean you can’t shape it today.

Be unique, be you, and smile. You are worth it!

-Brian Nadon


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