2020 Grads – Develop Positive Relationships

My high school Rugby coach understood the power of creating authentic and genuine relationships. He was not just a rugby coach. He was a nurturer who strived to bring each person’s highest potential to the forefront and taught me, “you win in life with people.”

For Coach McDonald, it was more than just about the game of rugby and the wins. It was about the game of life. It was about teaching us to strive for excellence. He instilled in each of us – we were significant, and to find a solution, not an excuse.

I left high school 25+ years ago and haven’t forgotten my coach, Mr. Rod McDonald. If you are a 2020 graduate, learn from what Mr. Mac taught me. Remember to love life, live life, and never forget, you win in life with amazing people.

Be you be unique and smile.

-Brian Nadon



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