Dream and Abandon the Fear of Failure

Today, like every day is a chance to dream of what never was and ask, “why not.” It’s only through dreaming that we will ever realize who we are, what we desire, and what we are capable of accomplishing. When we develop our dreams while raising our curiosity, we can start to take actionable measures to turn those dreams into reality.

Understand, a dream without a formulated plan is nothing more than a wish. When we deliberately execute a plan for our goals, we permit ourselves the most unequivocal opportunity to acquire our dreams. OutdoorsDetermine what you require to attain your dream and then do it, no excuses. It is never too late to turn into the individuals we frequently dream of becoming.

No matter the hurdles, cynics, inevitable darkness, missteps, and battles along the way, never give up on yourself or your dreams. Falling is a part of our lives; getting back on our feet is living. Because inside every obstacle is a hidden opportunity. Start journaling, live for the now and do something each day to establish your dreams. Within our moments of disappointment, we find the ability and attitude needed to develop, to uncover, to flourish, and to sustain our excellence.

There is no instant transformation or overnight success for personal growth to materialize. With every stage of our progression, we are born-again. We need to aggressively show-up each day for our dreams, for ourselves, and for those who love us, even on days, we no longer feel our best. A dream will always seem unattainable until it is achieved. Bestselling author Paulo Coelho of The Alchemist, once said, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

This moment, today, this week is an opportunity to abandon the fear of failure!

Be you, be unique, and smile.

-Brian Nadon



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