Shape Your Optimism

Many of my failures were the source of my achievements and personal growth. Losing and failing is crucial for our evolution — it is how we learn. Difficulties are meant to galvanize, not discourage. The human spirit grows strong by conflict. You asking “why” can be the first step to bringing about change. Understand, attempting to avoid a pain-free life is not realistic. The obstacle is the way. Our responsibility is not to become stuck in a victim “why me” mentality when adversity shows up in our lives. Life is too short to suffer from self-sabotaging.

One thing I desperately wish to create for myself is a new way of thinking. We indeed are the total of our life experiences and the way we think about our lives. All of our behaviour is a by-product of our environment. Our minds need more nourishment than our stomachs. Conquering the mind is the biggest win of our lifetime. I never want to stop learning and exploring my outer limits. It is through our questioning and curiosity that we can stay relevant—now and in the future. The moment you think you have won, you have ultimately lost.

On our journey of self-discovery, many of us look for other people’s flaws as a means to camouflage our own. Every day provides an opportunity to convey your energy and spirit to your craft—the dynamic and brilliant enthusiasm that is genuinely you. Let your heart be drawn-out in empathy toward others, for everyone is fighting a battle you know absolutely nothing about.

May, the catalyst behind what you do today, say and think, be shaped by a never-failing conviction of optimism and hope rather than negativity and anxiety. Remember to learn from the choices you have made because life is not a game to be won but an evolving magnificent human experience to be wholeheartedly enjoyed and celebrated.

Never stop believing and asking the question, “Why?”

—Brian Nadon

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