It’s The Way of Things

I am working on and fostering a simple formula for overcoming anger, which we can all use when facing something unchangeable. It comes from Winnie the Pooh’s viewpoint of life — Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh. When something changes that is out of his control, Winnie the Pooh says, “It’s the way of things.”

We cannot alter Earth and the powers which run it, and we cannot even alter things about ourselves or other aspects of our life — especially our past. So remember — even though we can never understand it all, the most basic understanding of all is, “It’s the way of things.”

It’s The Way of Things — Practice:

  1. Foster a mental plan to deal with hostility and anger.
  2. Recall one or more situations where you get angry.
  3. Role-play to mentally overcoming the anger in that situation.

Develop your own formula or mental thought plan of what you will say to yourself when you feel angry. Or just remember, Pooh—“It’s the way of things.”

Does anger make it right? No! Can we learn something? Yes!

— Brian Nadon

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