Poem about Fear

Poetry is my creative form of expressing my inner consciousness. It allows me to understand my ongoing depression, anxiety, and reasoning for continually wanting to commit suicide. Poetry has become a release agent I often only find when listening to music.

This poem subliminally carries the undertone of fear and how fear, insecurity, and loneliness have pushed me to question who I am, why I’m here, and how I can create change.

This poem is meant to allow you, the reader, to feel comfortable knowing you’re not a stranger to emotion, and like myself, know you can speak openly about who you are and what you’re going through.

Skater boy at sunsetSunset Palace of Sin

By Brian Nadon

Dancing naked in my palace
my palace surrounded by Sin
breaking down my walls
you eagerly looked for cover
as the sun sets in

I’m anxious, without reason, reserved, scorned
muddled are my thoughts
so I keep dancing naked
as you, the lost friend, comes in screaming, into my palace with no walls
surrounded by sunset Sins

Alone now I’m attempting to shift my emotions
contained by my vagrancy
dancing naked with pleasurable thoughts
you start questioning my actions, my madness
ahead of my upheaval
in this palace with no walls, restrained by Sin

Teenager on green lawn listening musicThe sun, now our sun, sets
and I’m still dancing naked
intensely watching your expressions
scrutinizing you for provoking my Sins
I loosely dismiss you and the undivided palace
however, I’d pay for it in the end

I’d pay for being self-centered, indulged
neglecting my palace
this palace with broken walls
as I send you running with the beaten ego’s
still watching you conceal folly
with a nauseating appeal for attention
it was always my nightmare, not yours
to be dancing naked, alone in a palace of Sin

But in the end, with crumbled walls
death has found me, you guided her, to dance naked
to snip my immorality
in my palace, this broken palace of deadly Sin


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