You Made The Difference In 2018, So What Did We Learn?!

Brian Nadon cycling to support PTSD
2019 Tour Across America
We learned a great deal about Canada in the 8,000km and 110 days we spent crossing the country!
We learned Canadian’s are good, mental-health is an issue in all corners of the country, that PTSD affects us all (not just our military), we are not as wealthy as you might think, and we’re kind-hearted and generous.
Ginger and I learned that rural towns are dying and I personally started wondered what we could do to bring them back! Without rural towns, Canada wouldn’t exist. We learned every Province is hard working – very hard, “Globalism” is a political topic for our Government as Canadians support each other in all communities, and that our economic heart still resides in natural resources, manufacturing, and agriculture.
We learned the generosity of the average Canadian was astounding!
We learned that the idea we are divided is something propagated by the Government to keep us apart, and adhered to by those I would consider ignorant. Guess what, I Officially Love Quebec!!!
I don’t mean that (ignorant) as an insult, I simply mean ignorance in the way a child is ignorant of spelling before they learn to read. I think the inability to think rationally begins when we believe we know more than we are actually capable of knowing, and do not think objectively because our identities are tied to our ideas. My plan, stop the negative stereotypes associated with Canadians by Province because we are all one!
And we learned – NO Canadian was “Ignorant” to the importance of supporting mental-health awareness!
Thank you, Canada and please get ready for 2019 and our American Tour!!
Brian Nadon Paws Across America
2019 Tour Flyer – Paws Across America