Avoiding The Angry Argument

Brian Nadon Hong Kong
Why Argue

By Brian Nadon

So much of what we do as a society could be described as arguing with reality.

Turn on cable news and you’ll find talking heads screaming at their upset viewers about how whatever has happened as part of the story of the day is “Just not normal!”

Look inside most businesses, especially legacy businesses, and you’ll see otherwise smart and capable individuals putting everything they have into not reading the writing on the wall, into denying the obvious change and transformation happening in the world around them. It’s almost as if their jobs are dependent on them not concluding what is obviously true, and insisting otherwise.

We all spend countless hours of our finite lives talking about whether things are fair, whose fault they are, whether they should be as they are. As if that changes what they are. As if reality and truth are up for debate.

“If our opinions can’t alter the inalterable; Don’t waste time trying to move the immovable.” – Brian Nadon

That to me is the essence of what our agenda should represent. Of course, I believe we still have a lot of business in our lives, that there is still plenty of room for us to maneuver and achieve and affect change. Ive just accepted there are some things we can’t control.

That’s right. There are things outside our control. Today we’re going to accept them without argument. We’re not going to spend one minute fighting or arguing or adding opinions on top of them.

It’s called, “avoiding the angry argument.