A Daily Ritual For Success

Brian Nadon writing
Start the journal today!

By Brian Nadon

Journals! Streaming affections, complete distaste, adults journal? Here’s my thoughts.

Often I’m asked, “why do I spend precious minutes journaling, even on the nights or mornings I’m burdened with personal tasks?

Well, it isn’t for your benefit. No, because my journaling will never see an audience. I’m writing for myself, to myself, as a way to practice the principles of personal development. I’m journaling as a means of self-improvement as much as a form of self-expression.

As Tim Ferriss has said of his daily journaling habit, “I don’t journal to ‘be productive.’ I don’t do it to find great ideas, or to put down prose I can later publish. The pages aren’t intended for anyone but me… I’m trying to figure things out… I’m just caging my monkey mind on paper so I can get on with my fucking day.”

It’s been exactly three years since I started my first journal. I began as an attempt to create a medium through which to document my experience with C-Ptsd. Looking back I now value the exercise at hand and believe everyone should write a journal, re-read them aloud, then talk to yourself and others about written word.

That was why I love the idea of a daily journal. One prompt for each day, to be journaled about, meditated on in the mornings, discussed during the day and written in the evening. It’s been a wonderful experience. And to see everything I’ve gotten out of the process. Because my journal is a place to clarify my thoughts, find some peace and quiet, calm the negative energy swirling around in my head, and cope with stresses and struggles. It’s my loyal companion. It’s my sounding board. It’s my guide.

And for myself, at my fiscal year end, it’s time to start the process over again. And if you’ve been keeping yourself on the sidelines, there’s no better time to start than today!