My Imaginary Friends

Young businessman

“Power may be produced through a friendly alliance of minds.”   –   Napoleon Hill

Well, the truth is I have friends. It’s just that they don’t exist physically. But they sure come up to me when I need them. They give me pieces of advice that sometimes are very hard to swallow when I need one. They don’t sugar coat their messages. They hit me right at the core just like real friends do.

I met my new set of friends from books I read, documentaries I watch and seminars I listen too. I study them carefully. I try to get to know them better day by day. I write down all the important messages they have for me.

Sometimes they keep me awake at night. When I try to solve my problems, they are there seated on a round-table brainstorming for the great plan. They never fail to give me the right message. They always remind me of my goals and dreams.

Even Napoleon Hill has his own mastermind alliance. Napoleon Hill is one of my greatest friends. Would you believe that lots of famous leaders, entrepreneurs, and people belong to my friend list? They do and I trust them! And I believe they have my best interest in mind.

Who said friends should only be physical, right? I define them as people who push me to become better and aid me when I need them.

By Brian Nadon