Don’t Waste Your Time Drinking

Believe it or not, there’s a pretty magical way to start making better decisions. It’s a secret that will also make you feel better, look better, and live better. You’ll live longer, think more clearly, and do less that you regret.

What is it?

Stop drinking. Or, at least, drink less.

It’s been said that a dry soul is wisest. Ask yourself, have you ever done anything you’re really proud of while drinking? Is anyone their best selves while drunk? Of course not. The best you can hope to say after a hard night of partying is that you didn’t make a fool of yourself.

Now, most of us are mixed when it comes to drinking. Some of us like to relax with a drink. Others clearly like a good party, but for the most part we have a drink and we don’t say too much about the subject.

So while I can’t say that I’m a hardline teetotalers, I am insistence on clear thinking, on self-control, and overall sobriety, making it clear that we should all look suspiciously upon alcohol.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life or a nice glass of wine, but we should look honestly at our own habits. We never want to be dependent or a slave to any substance, no matter how good it makes us feel in the moment. And we should be wary of anything that impairs our judgment and decision making.

So if you want to be the better version of yourself, there’s a real straightforward change to make: Drink less. Or better, don’t drink at all.

Just my thoughts, my struggle, and my life.

By Brian Nadon


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