Speak The Truth

No matter what your profession is, there are things you can say that will cost you. Speaking up against somebody’s pet project can get an individual passed over for promotion. Voicing a certain political viewpoint can cost you fans or endorsements. Challenging the status quo can bring a hail of critics and haters.

And in those situations, what should we do? The answer in my book is pretty simple: Speak the truth. Yes, howls may follow. Recriminations can as well. And? And what?

Here’s a rule of thumb worth remembering: If you see fraud and do not say ‘fraud,’ you are a fraud.

But lets broaden it a bit: If you know the truth and decline to speak the truth, you are not living truthfully.

If you know the truth, speak it. If you believe in a truth, live it. Even if it costs you. Even if it’s a pain in the ass. Because to do otherwise is to lie. To do otherwise is to be a coward. To do otherwise is to allow darkness to put out the light.

The truth matters. Prove it. Be the light.

By Brian Nadon

Vatic Foundation


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