Wisdom Wednesday – Work on What You Can Control

Maybe you’re having a difficult time in your relationship. Or work has worn you down. Maybe things have gone exceedingly well in your business, and now you’re dealing with opportunities you never thought possible. Or you’re trying to figure out what to do with your life. Or you are trying to figure out how to help your daughter/son – who has struggled for a long time now – to figure out what to do with their life. 

These are tough situations. Just a sample of what the days can throw at us… on top of all the things the world likes to throw at us – from economic instability to brutal wars, to snarling traffic and bafflingly incompetent governance. 

Solving all these problems is probably impossible. Which is why most of us would likely settle for their proper management or at least some amount of pain reduction.

Your problems – our problems – are not new. They are not different. They are the same things humans have always struggled with, just dressed up in modern language and contemporary garb. They fall neatly in the same category that problems have ever fallen into (what’s in our control and what isn’t), which means they present the same opportunities that every problem offers (to become better for it… or worse for it), and requires the same virtues that all challenges need (justice, temperance, wisdom, courage).

Today, try working on what you can control. My day will be spent loving Ginger. She needs it!

By Brian Nadon



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