Regrets – We Don’t Need Them

I have reached a point in life where I cannot afford to waste time. Each of us defines our boundaries. Many of the challenges we encounter in life are self-made and avoidable. There is rarely clarity with life. We must create clarity for ourselves. One of the most significant challenges is to learn how to live in a world of constant disruption and instant gratification and yet be relevant. Be sure you are moving in the right direction of your most authentic truth and greatest desires. There is a thin line between ridiculous and brilliant. The only person you are ever competing against is yourself.

Focus on how you talk to yourself about yourself. When you think it cannot be done, do it. Problem solvers view setbacks as opportunities. We can never let what we are good at limit our possibilities to explore the outer depths of who we are. Never stop wondering what is next and how you will get there. Spend your life living, not merely existing. Excellence is about being your best possible self. Allow excellence to become a state of mind. Your mantra. A lifestyle. Excellence is not a goal that is achieved overnight. Excellence is the legacy that lives on long after you!

There will always be room for improvement and an opportunity to challenge the status quo. Living with peace in knowing that every action you took in your past had a meaning behind it. You are not your past failures. Recognize and acknowledge your mistakes. You are who you are. And you are here for a reason. You have the unique opportunity to find a “why” that resonates with your spirit. The obstacle is the way. There will always be a way out of a current situation. You have to keep moving forward and growing while being brave enough to innovate and to seek what’s next and what’s new.

When in doubt humble yourself along the journey. We will have all the time to worry about the unimportant things when we are gone. Today is a great day to be a problem solver in as many lives as possible. Do not take away someone’s sunshine and do not die with your dreams still inside you. Cultivate and seize the opportunities. Create your possibilities while prioritizing making others feel good about themselves. No one has ever become poor by giving. The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.

This week my attention is on Ginger, making sure she is safe, health, and filled with love.

By Brian Nadon



  1. Hi Brian,
    This is Kim from Safeway. We ran into each other in the meat department. I was out looking around and decided to check out your website. Nice! I love Ginger’s hair cut, hope you found a nice camp site and cool place for the weekend. After reading your write ups the last few days, I regret not reaching out to you over the weekend knowing you were still probably around due to the heat. Sorry.
    I will think about you and Ginger it was nice meeting you and I wish you the best on your journey. Take care.

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