Make a Difference Daily

As you uncover your highest calling and pursue your greatest aspirations, you must always focus on being a positive difference-maker in as many lives as possible. Each day we cross paths with individuals whose spirit is yearning to be loved, valued, appreciated, respected, celebrated, and freed. I have come to understand when people feel they are not seen or heard they will go through immense and extreme lengths to fill that void.

You never know whose life you are changing or saving by genuinely taking the time to listen to someone else’s story. Kindness accompanied by love and grace is the heart medicine the world needs most. Kindness is the official language of love, friendship, joy, humility, and empathy. If you feel something is missing in your life, look no further than kindness, love, and grace for your prescription.

If you are reading this, you are alive and still have incredible work to do, hearts to liberate, and minds to inspire. Life is about progression, not perfection. On your self-discovery journey, focus on letting go of any self-limiting and sabotaging stories you tell yourself, the masks you hide behind and the labels you over-identify with. Sometimes experiencing doubt, uncertainty, and pain is nature’s reminder that there is something essential to learn, to experience, to discover, and to embrace.

In life, when we walk into tunnels of darkness, it provides an invaluable opportunity to re-emerge into the light, having grown and transformed into something far more real and true. You and I are still becoming and blossoming into all of who we are and meant to be.

Focus on today wisely and earnestly while leaving footprints of kindness everywhere you go!

By Brian Nadon



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