Listen to Learn, and Not to Respond

Many of us confuse existing with living and movement with progression. The moment you take a risk, you have already won. Your first step forward in personal growth and change is always just one step outside of your comfort zone.

Many times on our self-discovery journey, life experiences, and obstacles humble us. We think we know, but often we don’t. Everybody knows something that we don’t. So listen to learn, and not to respond. Remain mindful not to spend your entire life feeding your ego. I have come to embrace everything that happens on my journey while trusting that it is for the best to learn, to grow, and to be better from it. We may experience negativity, darkness, and defeats, but we can choose not to be defeated. I have witnessed that most joyous people do not necessarily have the bests of everything. However, they make the best of everything. 

So ask yourself how you can be joyous and more of yourself today?

Each day we are presented a blank canvas to write and paint a new page in our life story. We are limited only by the way we choose to see things. What you do not see now does not mean it does not exist. At times we can suppress aspects of who we are to make others feel comfortable. It is not our job to compromise who we are to make others feel at ease. It is our responsibility to serve others with grace while being authentically human in truth. 

Defining yourself and focusing too much on yesterday can hinder your personal growth. Our behavior today is a byproduct of our environment, belief system, and past. Choose your struggles wisely. We must make friends with our mind while not getting trapped in a mental prison of our own making. Our time in the here and now experiencing the vast beauty of life is so finite and precious. So enjoy the little things.

One day you will look back and realize they were the big things!

By Brian Nadon

Vatic Foundation


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